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* Barbed wire and fencing
* Commercial Enclosures
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Chainlink fence fabric is made in different height and gauges. Standard heights range from 3' to 12". Gauges refer to the diameter of the wire. The higher the gauge #, the smaller the wire diameter. Example: 11.5 gauge wire is smaller than 11 gauge

Residential gauge is usually a 12 or 11.5 (economy) or 11 gauge (standard). Commercial fencing ranges from 11.5 gauge to 9 gauge. Schools or military applications are usually 9 gauge or 6 gauge (very heavy).

The galvanized pipe frame work employed in chainlink fencing ranges from 16 gauge (.065) to full weight schedule 40 pipe. Most residential or light commercial projects will use 16 gauge. Larger projects or fences that will have a wind load will use 12 gauge or heavier. Schools and government applications normally call for schedule 40 pies.

The opening size in chainlink fencing is referred to as the mesh size. Chainlink can be made in most any mesh size ranging from 3/8 mini-mesh high security fencing to 2.25" light weight economy fencing. Some common mesh sizes and their applications are:

* 1.25" mesh - no-climb pool fence
* 1.75" mesh - tennis court fence
* 2.00" mesh - standard residential and commercial fence
* 2.25" mesh - light-weight economy fencing

Gates should be ordered by the clear opening between the posts, Not post center to post center. A good fence contract will list the gauge and mesh size of the wire, the gauge and diameter of the pipe framework, the post spacing and the post hole sizes. Please call Western Fence Company with your questions and inquiries.

Ornamental Iron fencing is normally made from square steel tubing that is painted. Since it is steel it can rust. Western Fence Co. makes its ornamentation fencing from galvanized steel to prevent rusting. It can be installed as either a galvanized finish or it can be painted.

Ornamental Iron fencing should be ordered by specifying the overall height, the size of the rails and pickets, the picket spacing, post size and finish color. The square steel tubing comes in various wall thicknesses. The most common are 16 gauge for commercial or residential use, and 14 and 11 gauge for industrial or school projects.

Please call Western Fence Co. with your questions and inquiries.